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The Club Peru Denver, Colorado has the mission to promote the union of all Peruvians and friends of Peru in Denver, Colorado. For this, the Club organizes social, cultural and recreational activities with the purpose of maintaining and promoting our Peruvian customs and traditions.. The Club Peru Denver desires especially to encourage our children that have born and/or they are being raised in this country so that they share with their parents and friends the celebrations and cultural events as traditionally are done in our Peru.


We invite you to visit our web pages to provide you with greater information about our institution. With a lot I please we invite you and to their family to that be registered like members sending us the corresponding Members Inscription Request.

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Pisco Sour Restaurant - Phone 303-322-7777

Los Cabos II Restaurant - Puro Perú

Azucar Bakery


Cervantes @ MileHighCity
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Radios del Perú Vía Internet

[ Radio San Borja ]

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Dr. A. Francisco Pantoja



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